Gayle Tripled Her Income!

The Positive Prime video tool is like a vision board, but in video format.  It's based on neuroscience and has unique features like shuffling the images every time you watch it, and allowing you to speed up the video so the positive affirmations can bypass your critical thinking mind and go directly into your subconscious.

One user, Gayle, decided to use Positive Prime to increase her direct sales business income.  She had a goal to double her income in 90 days.  She committed to adding personalized quote images in her video session that aligned with her sales goals.  Gayle watched her sessions every day before she started her work day.

What happened is almost unbelievable!

She was able to nearly TRIPLE her income in those 90 days.

Watch Gayle's testimonial below.

Ready to see how you can increase your finances by using Positive Prime?

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Step 1: Create a Visual Quote Image with your GOAL you are trying to achieve. (I use Canva to create my own personalized images)

Step 2: Upload your personalized images to Positive Prime

Step 3: Watch Your Session Every Day!

Here's some examples of goal images: (click here to go to Canva to create your own)

Make an income goal, or a money manifestation goal with a specific amount and specific date.

Book Launch Sales Manifestation

Make quotes for specific work goals, like a book launch.

My Car is Paid OFF

Take a picture of your actual car and make a "Paid in Full" quote!

Weight Loss Goals Vision Board

Make positive affirmation images for health and weight loss goals.