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Simple Hack to Increase Sales for Your Business

This technological solution will surprise you.  It has nothing to do with marketing your business.  Yet, it brings more customers to you by working on YOU, the business owner.  Try this tool for at least 30 days and start seeing increased business sales.  It only takes 3 minutes per day to start working.  Get greater results by using it for 15 minutes per day.  Don't read your emails or open the store until you watch your session.  You will start having amazing results.

What is it? A video tool which increases your business sales, improve creativity, team collaboration, happiness, joy, gratitude and decreases your stress and anxiety.  How? It delivers more than 2000 stunning images and 200+ positive affirmations in a single video session.  These specially curated photos and positive affirmations in the video sessions are scientifically proven to boost your feel good chemicals in your body after watching only 3 minutes. And the positive benefits last up to 6-8 hours!!!  That's an entire shift!  Neuroscience meets technological solution!

When you are in a better mood, your mind is actually open to more creative solutions to problems.  You see new business opportunities. You see a better way to serve your customers that is also more profitable. You give off a better energy to your customers, which makes them inclined to buy from you.  You collaborate better with team members.  Your employees enjoy being at work more, which translates into doing their job better and making more sales.  If your team members watch a short 3-5 minute video session prior to starting their shift, they improve in all facets of their job responsibilities.  There are numerous ways a simple positive psychology session can increase sales for your business.

Your subconscious mind can actually process 11 million bits of information per second.  The video player that produces the visual session, allows you to control how fast the images play.  You can watch all 2000 images in a 3 minute timeframe and get the benefit of the entire session without even consciously processing the words on the screen.  If you play the words this fast, your conscious mind doesn't have time to argue with statements.  It's like plugging your brain directly into a "get better results" computer code.  You don't have to "try harder" or "force yourself to improve". 

Did you know that when we see someone smiling at us, even if it is just a photo, our body reacts and releases feel good chemicals, as if WE were the ones smiling?  We mirror what we see.  That's how the human body works.

The system has sessions preloaded on a variety of topics, like money, success, direct sales, wellness, confidence, healing, and more. But the real magic is that you can upload your own photos to be included with the sessions.  This means you can custom tailor the sessions with photos of anything that you want to create in your business.  Think of it like a vision board, but in video form.  You can add photos of your ideal customers making a purchase at your store.  Think of your most ideal customer.  What products or services do they purchase?  How much do they purchase? How often do they purchase?  Do they pay on time?  Create some slides or photos that depict this ideal scenario and upload to your sessions.  The positive emotions you have from the session combined with these specific desired outcomes will draw these scenarios to you.  Whatever thoughts you send out in your mind, is what actually shows up in your life and your business. You can literally create whatever you want to achieve in life in photo form first, and your subconscious mind will start to piece together the missing components to make sure that outcome is achieved. You get better results automatically because your subconscious mind has instructions for a goal to achieve. If you don't populate your subconscious mind with any future goals, you will keep getting the same results tomorrow that you got today. You have to give your brain instructions for what you want to achieve. Then your brain will automatically work to reach your goals and make sure you are successful.

Upload smiling pictures of all your team members if you want a happy workforce.  Upload photos of your team members collaborating together on a project if you all your team members to work together in harmony towards a common goal.  Upload photos of your products with text on the graphic that says "Best Seller" or "Editor's Pick".  Upload photos of the article from the newspaper of when your business won an award or recognition. 

You should also upload personal photos that make you feel love, joy, or gratitude.  Photos of kids or grandkids. Photos of your silly pets. Photos of that awesome vacation you took.  Photos of personal accomplishments.  Images of anything that creates a positive emotion.  The positive emotions combined with the photos of the future goals you want to achieve is what creates your ideal business.

You can actually create your future ideal business with these photos.  What is your ideal outcome for this business?  Do you have a sales target you want to reach?  Or a specific goal you want the business to achieve?  If you actually take the time to sit down and determine what you actually want from your business, you can create that outcome.  Your abundance in your business comes from the images in your mind.

Whatever we envision in our minds, is what we create in our life.  If we don't have a clear picture of where we are headed, we will not arrive anywhere.  We will simply be subjected to the stressful situations of the day. Change the narrative and start visualizing images of what abundance looks like to you.

What is my ideal customer? What do they buy, how much, how often, how do they pay, how do we deliver the product/service to them? If you are having a hard time determining your ideal customer, just think of your worst customer and write down the opposite qualities.  We all have that customer that we cringe when we get a call from them.  Or a product that we really wish we didn't sell because it's so much work or a hassle or whatnot.  Get specific about what you want your ideal business to be.

If I want my business to earn $500,000 next year, what do I hope to have in my life when I reach that monetary goal? Do I hope that I am able to take an entire day off every week to golf? Then upload a picture of a golf course you would like to golf. Do I hope that I will be able to feel more peaceful and not stress about paying my employees? Then upload any photo that makes you feel peaceful. Do I hope that my business will impact the lives of 10,000 people? Then upload a photo that resonates with that feeling of pride and joy that you will have when you reach that goal. The money is not the end goal. The end goal is whatever feeling or situation we think that the money will enable us to have. We can upload photos of things that represent this same feeling or photos of the situation we are striving to achieve. This will turbo charge our success in reaching our goals. A visual representation of our goal + a positive emotion + belief that it will come to pass = desired outcome.

This technological solution works for any type of business. Whether you want to learn how to increase sales on eBay or Amazon, whether you want to make more sales on Etsy or Instagram. Whether you are trying to sell more online or sell more in your retail store. It helps with all of businesses, because it helps change your energy. You, the business owner, are the key component to making more sales and increasing abundance in your business.

Every successful person in all history has the same thing in common. They EXPECT to succeed. We get what we expect. We need to be clear about what we want and have a visual image of it in our mind to achieve our goals. This technological solution gives us a powerful shortcut to reach our goals. By combining positive psychology with images of your business goals, you can dramatically increase your sales.

Are you ready to use positive psychology neuroscience to increase your business sales?

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