Positive Mindset & Happiness Predict Business Success

This is a silent subliminal video (below). The words are embedded silently and can be understood by the subconscious mind. This allows you to listen to this video and play it at work with your volume on, while not disturbing your coworkers, yet you still get the message of how positive mindset and happiness has a positive outcome in every area of your business and life. Just open it in a new window and let it play in the background. Your mind will hear the message. The overall message is that you must be happy first, and success comes as a result of happiness.

Silent Subliminals in this Video:

My business is built by my positive mindset of feeling good. Both about my business and also about myself and my life in general.  Anything that I can do to put myself in a good feeling mood, will have enormous positive outcomes in my business.  Positive expectations, feeling good, ease and flow, knowing that things are happening in PERFECT timing.  What I think about, I bring about.  When I have positive expectations about my business or life, my brain goes to work for me and helps me bring about those positive expectations.

When I am happy and joyful and grateful, I am more creative.  I come up with new improved ideas that benefit my business.  I think of new ways to sell to my my best customers.  I think of new products to introduce to the market.  I bring more value to the table.  I come up with more ways to bring in more money with less work.

When I am in a good mood, I give off a good vibe to my customers.  When my customers feel the good vibe from me, they want to shop at my store.  They want to buy my products.  They want to be involved with me.  When I give off a good vibe, people want to collaborate with me.  This opens up new opportunities for me that  would not have been presented otherwise.

When I am in a good mood I am more productive.  I can get more done in less time and feel good while doing it.    When I am in a good mood I am more efficient at completely tasks.  I get things done more effectively.

When I am in happy state, I collaborate better with employees, teammates, and business associates.  New partnerships can be formed that benefit all parties involved.

When I get happy first, success follows.  Every single outcome that can be measured in business and education improved when the subject has an improved mindset of happiness.

I take the time to quiet my mind and let go of anything that is not gratefulness, joy, happiness, bliss, optimism or other positive emotions.  I take the time to get happy before I start working on my projects for the day.  I may watch a positive video.  I may play with my dog.  I may list out 3 things that I am grateful for.  I may sit and daydream about an ideal situation, or envision a wonderful vacation I took.  Or think lovingly about my family members or others whom I love.  I send grateful thoughts to the customers I have already been blessed to be able to serve.  I relish in the fact that I even have a business.  That I provide value to others.

Happiness is the single most competitive advantage in my business.  My mindset predicts my outcomes.  Positive mindset = positive outcomes.  And when I make my positive mindset the cornerstone of building my business, I can work on it 24/7.  I can control my thoughts all day everyday.  I can be thinking positive thoughts even when I am working on other things.  I can be thinking positive thoughts even when I’m relaxing and watching tv at night.  I can imagine perfect scenarios as though they have already happened.  And I can do these all the time.

I choose to spend my time feeling good.  And when I feel good that brings the money.  When I feel good that brings the good ideas.  When I feel good that brings the new business contacts.  When I feel good, that’s when new clients come in.  When I feel good I my business provides more value and I make more money.

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