How To Manifest a Beach House

Hi, I’m Kim from I teach people how to combine visual images and positive affirmations to manifest anything they want in life.

Use this short video (below) to help you manifest your dream beach house. The video has stunning beach scenery to help you imagine yourself already living on the beach. The background is the calming sound of ocean waves. It also has subliminal messages which play silently underneath the ocean waves. Your conscious mind cannot hear the subliminals, but your subconscious mind can. These subliminals reinforce the belief that you already own the beach house. They rewrite the script of our subconscious mind so it can start piecing together the cooperating components needed for you to realize your dream beach house.

How to Manifest a Beach House

Our minds think in visual images, so if we want to manifest a beachfront condo or home, we need to have a visual picture in our mind of exactly what we want. We need to be able to close our eyes, and feel like we are on the beach enjoying our new home. Feel the salty air on your face as the wind blows your hair. Hear the seagulls chirping. Feel the water on your feet and you relax in your beach chair. Immerse yourself in the image of what your new abundant life on the beach feels like. Picture in your mind the beautiful ocean views and beach scenery.

The visual images combined with the feelings of yourself relaxing on the beach and hearing the ocean waves is what helps to manifest your beach house. You could also use this video to manifest your dream beach vacation! The subliminals help with changing your beliefs about your ability to actually have the beach house. Your subconscious mind doesn't argue with statements. Whatever you feed your mind, it will work to bring about more of those things, good or bad. If we submit the belief that we already have the beach house, our mind will act as if we already have it. And if it exists in our mind, it will shortly arrive in our physical space too.

I have added the following silent subliminal messages to this video to help you buy your beach property faster. Powerful Subliminals: "I have a beautiful beach house right on the water. The ocean waves are relaxing me. I can feel the white sand on my toes as I sit and enjoy a drink while watching the tide come in. I am at peace on the beach. I love sitting on the beach and relaxing. My new beach house has big open windows that face the ocean. I can see the aqua blue water from inside my new dream house. I am open to getting the beach house in ways other than buying it. I might win the grand prize of a sweepstakes which is a brand new beach condo. I might inherit a beach property. I may be asked to purchase the beach house with a group of people, lowering my actual cost of buying the beach house. I may suddenly come into money which allows me to have a down payment for the beach house. I love my new beach property. It is perfect for me and my family. It is large enough to have family gatherings, but small enough to be able to easily keep up with the maintenance of the property. We have wonderful neighbors and the beach community is wonderful. We are able to surf, relax in the hammock, fish, and enjoy the water year around. This beach home is a dream come true."

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