Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

The Brain is a Broadcasting and Receiving Station for Thought

The Brain is a Broadcasting and Receiving Station for Thought - Principles of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Listen to this silent subliminal message video (below) about the key points of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill on the topic of the brain being the broadcasting and receiving station for thought.

The subliminals are quietly placed beneath the calming ambient background music, so you will not hear them. This is designed to allow them to permeate your subconscious mind without arguments from your conscious mind.

Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill - The Brain is a Broadcasting and Receiving Station

Like a radio station, my brain is both a broadcasting and receiving station for the vibration of thought

My brain is capable of picking up vibrations of thought which are being released by other brains

Positive emotions increase the ability of the brain to receive ideas

Positive emotions also increase brain’s ability to broadcast thoughts into the subconscious mind

Once in the subconscious mind the brain carries out the instructions like a computer program

My reticular activating system receives important information and filters out the rest

Just because I don’t notice something doesn’t mean its wasn’t there, it was probably filtered

I can change what my brain filters and what it shows me by impressing my desires into my subconscious

I can impressive my subconscious with auto suggestion combined with positive emotion and belief

Once in my subconscious my reticular activation system will start filtering and showing my all the ways I can reach my desired outcome

I am learning to use my brain more effectively

I use my creative imagination to receive ideas and plans from others’ brains

My brain responds the same way to real and imagined situations

I increase my creativity through brainstorming

I receive actual possibilities when I use my imagination; they are not just fictional scenarios

My imagination is not dreaming impossible dreams, it is actual receiving choices of paths I could follow

When I daydream, I am receiving roadmaps for avenues that I didn’t even know existed

The emotional area of my brain is responsible for my passion

My mind is now more receptive to creative thoughts and ideas

The receiving part of my brain is my creative imagination

I influence my vibrations by my emotions (energy in motion)

Profitable business ideas come to me easily when I give myself quiet time

The brain is a broadcasting and receiving station for thought

What I mentally broadcast determines what I receive

What my subconscious computer program is broadcasting is what shows up in my life

If I don’t like what is showing up in my life, I need to rewrite the computer code of my subconscious mind

I stimulate my brain to increase my performance

I tune my thought vibrations to harmonize with my desires

If I am complaining, it is an outward sign that I have a negative subconscious belief about that issue

If I am complaining, I need to rewrite my computer code around that topic

I add positive thoughts plus happy emotions and beliefs about the best scenario around that topic

Divine infinite intelligence always finishes successfully-

I communicate my positive thought vibrations with emotions of faith and enthusiasm

The creative imagination is the “receiving set” of the brain.  I receive ideas.

My brain is connected to every other brain through vibrational energy

I look within for the wealth I see in my life

I attract the objects of my desire into my life

Subconscious mind, creative imagination, and auto suggestion bring about desired outcomes

My mastermind group helps me put my brain in higher vibration

Brainstorming excites my mind

What you attract is what you vibrate

My imagination receives vibrations of thought picked up by the ether

Imagination is the workshop of the mind

My brain is attracting thoughts and ideas released by my mastermind group

My brain is powerful beyond my understanding

My subconscious mind is my “sending station” through which thought vibrations are broadcast

My prefrontal cortex drives all my higher thoughts

My brain is a conduit for all success and failure

My brain picks up thought vibrations released by others

I inject my thoughts with the feeling necessary to pass them to my subconscious mind

I understand how to use my physical brain as a broadcasting and receiving station for thought

I intuitively know how to tune into the thoughts of others

I use my subconscious mind to transmit the object of my desire to infinite intelligence

I am in vibrational harmony with the frequency of thought I want to attract

I have access to infinite intelligence

The subconscious mind is the “sending station” of the brain

My creative imagination is the receiving set of my brain

My powerful brain is the connection between the physical and spiritual

I stimulate my mind to a high vibration with positive emotional energy

Thought is energy traveling at an exceedingly high rate of vibration

I train my mind to receive the thoughts of others

I am able to increase my positive thought vibrations at will

Through mastermind, I communicate with unknown sources of knowledge

My epic mastermind creates amazing things

My emotional desire breaks through any setback or difficulty

Start with your burning desire

Take inspired action when you receive an idea or hunch

My desires and emotions write the code that I want my subconscious mind to broadcast to the world

What I broadcast to the world is what comes back to me in physical form

All of us are controlled by forces which are unseen and intangible

The “What if we did this…” ideas are not creating by us, but received by us

I am open to receiving knowledge and expertise beyond my own experience in life

I am open to taking those ideas given to me and blend them with emotion so they are imprinted on my subconscious mind

I am open to making quiet time to allow imaginative ideas to be received

I am open to acting quickly on my inspired ideas

I realize that an inspired idea I receive may only be a quick flash into my mind

I give great importance and priority to these flashes of inspiration, even though these seem random and I may not know how I am going to implement the action that was inspired

I put myself into a positive mood first, by thinking about things that make me smile, or doing activities that make me smile, then I sit down and quiet my mind and listen for an inspired action

I may present my desired goal to my subconscious and specifically ask my subconscious to present to me plans for how I need to enact this in the physical life

I decide in my mind first, the end goal I have, and I act as if it has already came to pass in the physical realm.  

I exhibit the emotion of having met the desired outcome

Only then will my subconscious mind present me with the plans and roadmap that needs to be followed to arrive at the destination in the physical realm

If I can receive ideas and knowledge from other’s brains, then I should be picky about who I am around.

I can choose to sit in a room of creative talented successful people, and I will absorb ideas and knowledge from their brains

People who give off a “good vibe” are people whom I should surround myself with

I always have a notebook with me to write down my inspired idea, as they will enter my mind in a flash, and be gone from my conscious mind just as quickly as it arrived

If I do not write down and act upon these flashes of inspiration, I can not reach my desired outcome

These flashes of inspiration are the steps to follows to reach my desired outcome

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