Neville Goddard Explained - How to Move from earning $2,000 per month to $10,000 per month.

In this video, I discuss Neville's technique of how to manifest anything by removing all your current conditions. A current condition is anything you are not expressing in your 3D reality. In this example, I talk about how to go from making $2,000 per month (your current condition) to $10,000 per month (your desired outcome). The steps are simple, yet take practice to master. Neville's basic premise is that once you can BE in the wish fulfilled, you will manifest it in your current 3D reality. This is from page 48 - 50 of The Power of Imagination: The Neville Goddard Treasury found below:

"In order to rise to the level that you are NOT now expressing, you must COMPLETELY DROP the consciousness with which you are now identified. Until your present consciousness is dropped you will not be able to rise to another level."

~ Neville Goddard your text in this area

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Completely Drop your Old Consciousness

You cannot exist in two states of consciousness at the same time. In order to move to being the state of consciousness that earns $10,000 per month, you must first separate yourself from your old consciousness that earns only $2,000 per month.


Move into a state of I AM

Meditate or Relax into the state of I AM. Continue repeating I AM...I AM... until you feel like you are floating. When you not longer sense your body, you now have become a formless, faceless being that has ALL possibilities. Once we are in the state of ALL possibilities, we can now choose a new possibility, such as earning $10,000 per month.


Now form a new condition - I AM "THAT"

Once you are in a formless, liquid light being, you can mold yourself into any desire you want.

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